“Gina is one of the most incredible people that I have been fortunate to meet along my journey as a Spiritual Teacher. She has an incredible gift and a beautiful soul that she shares with everyone she meets. She is professional and has tremendous integrity. I am honored to have started her on the amazing path that she has chosen to embrace. ”

Pat Longo

Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Speaker

Gina Simone

Gina Simone

Certified Spirit Medium & Intuitive Counselor



I’m a Spirit  Medium, Intuitive Counselor,  Teacher and Speaker and after an extensive testing process, am also a Certified Medium with the Forever Family Foundation.  In 2017, I was a featured Medium & Intuitive on Gwenyth Paltrow’s website GOOP.com.  What an honor!!  

I  have been gifted with the ability to communicate with your loved ones who have crossed over into Spirit. My purpose is to facilitate and connect you with your loved ones who, while they may no longer be here,  are always with you offering  support and guidance.  I am amazed in the ways Spirit  confirms  recognizable details of themselves, including personality traits and descriptions, to validate who they are and to reminisce and share special  memories from their life. I have come to learn that Spirit always wants to connect with you for direction, inner peace and personal healing.

There is no greater joy than for Spirit to offer guidance to heal a person’s unanswered questions about Life,  Love, Relationships, Finances (etc)…all the doubts and questions you may be struggling with here….Spirit is always there to assist.  Spirit connection comes through as loved ones who have passed, and also as your own angels and guides.  Through Spirit’s guidance, they help you see your life’s bigger picture, and help you release the troubles or uncertainties affecting your life.  This is my life’s purpose… to help heal in whatever way is needed, for your highest good and well-being.

From the 8/8/17 article on GOOP.com……”While Gina practices Reiki and past-life regression, go to her for her mediumship, as she offers profound healing and connection to those who have passed to the other side (cue the tears). Not only does she bring through very validating and specific stories and details (names, dates, etc.), but she delivers important messages from loved ones—about life path and purpose, and relationships that may be coming or may need to go. While some mediums insist on little to no participation other than yes and no (which is fine, particularly at the beginning when you’re waiting to hear details that make you trust the connection), Gina is ultimately highly collaborative, which means that you can go quite deep. Gina typically reads over the phone, but she also schedules small group readings in her office, which are a great option for families. She volunteers for the Forever Family Foundation, so you can catch her at their events and grief retreats as well.”

As a mediumistic child, I was always able to “feel” the presence of Spirit around me since around the age of 11, as Spirit tried to make their presence known.  Not having the right tools or support, as well as fearing these “visits”, I began to dismiss the connections, and push their energy away. It was finally later in life, through my studies of Reiki healing, that my gifts finally re-awakened as I worked with clients drawing upon the Universal life force and human energy system around each of us.

Since my journey 18 yrs ago, I have studied and taken intuitive, meditation and spirituality workshop courses with Pat Longo, Lorraine Austin RMT, Anna Miranda and the Omega Institute.  Through Spirit I also provide Psychic guidance and direction towards your life issues. Using these psychic gifts, Spirit provides clear direction on various topics including relationship issues,  family, business, and guidance pertaining to your soul’s purpose in this life.  In my readings, Spirit communicates the most loving spiritual guidance and healing to those in need.

I am dedicated to Spirit and delivering heartfelt messages. I believe Spirit’s communication can be very healing and therapeutic when we understand how often our loved ones surround us with their guidance and support.  Not only do I  connect with Spirit for messages, but I also teach my clients how to communicate and connect on their own with their loved ones; as well as help you tap into your own innate intuition and higher consciousness.   It is my deepest desire to help you connect with your loved ones to help give guidance for inner peace and healing.

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Thank you, to all my clients, past and future for allowing me the opportunity to fulfill my life’s purpose.

I am forever blessed and grateful

In Love & Light,

Gina Simone

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